jeudi 4 mars 2021

VARIOUS - 1968 - UK-BELL 102 - Cellar of soul (mono)

Une belle compilation sortie, en Angleterre, sur le label Bell.

Seize titres, pour la plupart rares, consacrés à la soul du sud des Etats Unis. 

J'ai un petit faible pour:

  • Mighty Sam - I need a lot of lovin'
  • Ovations - I believe I'll go back home
  • Diamond Joe - How to pick a winner
  • Benny Spellman - Sinner girl (dans le style Lee DORSEY)
  • Curly Moore - Don't pity me
  • Clifford Curry - She shot a hole in my soul
  • Barbara Perry - Say you need it
"My ship is comin' in" - créé en 1965 par Jimmy RADCLIFFE - repris par les WALKER BROTHERS (1965), Walter JACKSON (1967), Carmen McRAE (1971).

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for another great album you've supplied, do you have volumes 2 & 3 from this label?

  2. Hi!

    Thanx for this one. Some "new" artists & "new" hears here.

    R.I.P. Bunny Wailer one of the original "Wailers" with Bob Marley. March 2, 2021 @ age 73.

    Ciao! For now.